Help Prepare Kids for Financial Success

Does talking to your kids about money seem intimidating?  If so, it’s probably because most of us feel we could do a better job with our finances.  Consider that well over half of all Americans don’t have a household spending plan. The “Parents, Kids & Money Survey” March 2016 found that:

  • 61% of parents have more than one type of debt*
  • 46% don’t have money saved for retirement*
  • 49% don’t have an emergency fund*
  • 56% of people don’t have their own life insurance policy**

Here’s the key: if you’re not talking to your kids about money, start now.  

Don’t know where to begin?

Fortunately, kids learn no matter what—from our knowledge and our mistakes. What’s the take away? You don’t have to be a financial guru. That’s why I’m here – to share ideas on how to do that. 

The New York Life "Money Talks - Helping your children make smart financial choices" seminar: 

We discuss with parents ways to talk to your children about financial matters. As a parent, you may even learn a few things yourself. Attendees leave with a greater understanding of the importance of financial literacy, as well as my promise to help you further if interested. 

Seminar Overview

During this educational event, we will discuss:

  • The importance of teaching our children about money
  • Ways to help them make good decisions
  • The benefits of smart choices

If you are interested in learning ways to help your kids successfully navigate the pitfalls of managing money and would like to attend and/or schedule "Money Talks - Helping your children make smart financial choices" seminar for your group/organization.  Please call or email Susan Diamond at (845)594.4818 or

This is an informational and insurance sales presentation. Neither New York Life nor its agents provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own professional advisors.