Non-Traditional Financial Solutions For Nonprofits & Their Donors

Creating a path to a sustainable future 

Enhance Donor Dreams

Nonprofit organizations and their donors share a focus on philanthropic goals, and have specialized needs that experienced financial professionals can address. Susan Diamond has the experience needed to meet the objectives of your organization and your donors.
In view of the fact that a historic level of wealth-transfer is currently changing hands, this is a chance for nonprofits to lean in and proactively provide opportunities to engage their donors and help them understand how to leverage their giving – showing them how simple changes can result in more.  


Learning More About Alternative Ways to Give

Nonprofit organizations need to fulfill their missions, preserve and grow their endowments, manage expenses and donation levels, use resources responsibly and oversee daily activities effectively.
Donors want to support causes important to them – and ensure that their gifts are meeting their charitable goals, their funds are used well, and they are meeting legacy, family and financial goals through their giving.
For a long time, the nonprofit sector was largely insulated from the pressures of competition common in the for-profit world. As more and more organizations enter the nonprofit arena, however, attention from donors and volunteers becomes increasingly precious. How do you differentiate from the competition?

The use of various charitable giving vehicles is an ever-evolving dynamic that is no longer “one size fits all”. However, it does offer more innovative ways to create greater impact that allows the donor to do well and do good simultaneously.                                                                                                                                                     

Turning Noncash Assets Into Smart Giving

It can be a common practice for a donor to liquidate stock holdings for the purpose of making a cash gift. For many donors, lack of awareness that other assets can be given or how they can be gifted is a likely culprit in making their choice.

Many strategies involving charitable trusts and similar vehicles can be implemented so the nonprofit can win without sacrificing the family. With each dollar left to charity, Uncle Sam may become a smaller “beneficiary”.

How do you tee up the conversation and effectively engage doors on this important topic? Do you have the right collaborative team in place to assist you?

Susan Diamond works with nonprofit organizations and their donors to provide insights and services to each - from financial strategies to charitable giving solutions. Her interest lies beyond direct charitable giving, although this may have the advantage of simplicity as compared to the use of charitable giving vehicles, philanthropy strategies may also provide distinct advantages that offer a landscape of solutions.

Local nonprofits lose if they wait around hoping for a planned gift. You have to be in the game pre-exit, if you hope to be in the game post-exit. Your role now is to identify possible prospects who are interested in smart giving and convene the appropriate professionals.

Unlocking Asset Wealth for Charitable Use

Susan uses her in-depth philanthropic knowledge and three decade working experience with non-government organizations to support nonprofits and individual clients, enlisting the financial resources of New York Life to do so. Her clients have benefitted from the confidence that comes from working with an industry leader.

Her purpose is to educate donors on how to build capacity for engaged philanthropy through understanding the different vehicles that work for charitable giving – so that they can achieve their philanthropic ambitions for themselves, their families and their cause.

Susan Diamond is an agent with New York Life Insurance Company (NY,NY). Neither New York Life Insurance Company nor its agents provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professionals before making any decision.

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